PsycINFO Data Solutions

PsycINFO Data Solutions<sup>™</sup>


PsycINFO® Data SolutionsPsycINFO Data Solutions offers a text mining and data request option for large-scale analysis of content from APA’s premier research databases.

Analyze and Discover

PsycINFO Data Solutions is a new service that offers unprecedented access to the content found in the APA research databases. Whether looking for expanded access to publication and citation data or abstracts and full-text documents for mining, users will be provided with appropriate access for their specific data request. Future plans for PsycINFO Data Solutions include the development of specialized online tools to help users further analyze and visualize their data. 

PsycINFO Data Solutions will benefit students, researchers, practitioners, educators, historians, policymakers, publishers, and more by enabling users to identify trends and patterns in psychological and behavioral science research, chart a researcher’s career, find the history of a particular intervention or methodology, aid in literature review, or answer other detailed research questions. 

The APA databases that are available for mining requests include:

Types of Requests

There are two PsycINFO Data Solutions request options:

  • Mining Requests provide the user with access to a specific database or databases for the purpose of analyzing a high volume of abstracts or full-text articles.
  • Data Requests result in a custom file that is delivered to the user and contains an easily navigable set of publication and citation data (metadata) for analysis.

How to Submit a Request

Please click on the link below and complete the form to provide APA with the details of your project and the type of data or access you would require. If you are unsure, we will work with you to help identify the best option. All requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Fees may apply.

Make a Request

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