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    GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

    By Rayne, Karen

    This book is a growing-up guide for teen girls with information about identity, dating, romance, love, relationships, and sex.

    July 2017 | Softcover

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    Why Am I Blue?: A Story About Being Yourself

    By Dakos, Kalli

    This is a sweet story about identity and self-acceptance, one that children can apply to varying situations they may face.

    July 2017 | Hardcover

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    The Tallest Bridge in the World: A Story for Children About Social Anxiety

    By Burns, Ellen Flanagan

    This story is about a boy with social anxiety disorder. With the help and guidance of a therapist and his parents, he learns tools and strategies to deal with his anxiety.

    July 2017 | Hardcover

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    Blossom Plays Possum: (Because She's Shy)

    By Jones, Birdy

    This book aims to show kids and parents that there is nothing wrong with being shy and helps boost self-esteem.

    July 2017 | Hardcover

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    When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a Community

    By Pitman, Gayle E.

    This picture book tells the story of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, one of San Francisco's most well-known and politically active lesbian couples.

    June 2017 | Hardcover

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    Someone To Talk To: Getting Good at Feeling Better

    By Conte, Paola; Sterling, Cheryl; Labay, Larissa

    This book for older kids is about therapy and what they can expect during a therapy session, through the course of therapy, and at termination.

    April 2017 | Softcover

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    Mapping My Day

    By Dillemuth, Julie

    This book follows a girl and her family as she takes us through her day with a series of vibrant and interactive maps.

    March 2017 | Hardcover

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    Priscilla Pack Rat: Making Room for Friendship

    By Crangle, Claudine

    This is the story of one little rat's preoccupation with collecting things. When Priscilla's attachment to her things prevents her from attending her friend's birthday party, she comes to realize that happiness is about more than just accumulating stuff.

    March 2017 | Hardcover

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    A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness

    By Sileo, Frank J.

    Following a neighborhood on a summer day, readers will learn how to apply mindfulness to simple, everyday moments, and how days are filled with endless possibilities to take a pause.

    February 2017 | Hardcover

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    Grow Happy

    By Lasser, Jon; Foster-Lasser, Sage

    Grounded in principles of positive psychology and choice theory, this book helps kids understand that they play an important role in cultivating their own happiness using resources at their disposal.

    February 2017 | Hardcover

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