Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017

Psychological Assessment is soliciting submissions for a special issue focusing on the application of ambulatory biobehavioral technologies for understanding key, clinically-relevant psychological constructs.

The purpose of this special issue is to:

  • promote awareness of novel ambulatory biobehavioral technologies and highlight their potential importance to psychological science and clinical practice
  • identify technological, methodological, professional and practical issues that may limit their application, and to discuss how clinical psychology may address these issues

Any objective, computer-based technology with potential use for understanding a psychological function (e.g., psychopathology, neurodegeneration, forensic issues, cognition, personality, wellness) is within the scope of this special issue.

Systematic reviews of relevant bodies of literature are encouraged, as are data-based submissions and papers focusing on methodology, psychometric evaluation, analytics, professional issues, ethics, and public policy.

The deadline to submit a manuscript for this special issue is December 15, 2017.

Questions concerning the potential appropriateness of any particular submission can be addressed to the Guest Editor of the special issue: Alex Cohen.

Papers must be prepared in full accord with the Psychological Assessment Instructions to Authors and submitted through the journal's manuscript submission portal.

When submitting select "Special Issue: Ambulatory Biobehavioral Assessment" as the Article Type, and indicate on the "Enter Comments" screen that you would like to have the paper considered for that special issue.

Submissions will go through the usual peer review process and are not guaranteed acceptance for publication.


Ambulatory biobehavioral assessment, for example, measuring speech, facial expression, gait, geo-positioning, cardiac activity and electrophysiology while individuals navigate their daily routines, holds the potential to dramatically alter how psychological constructs are evaluated.

At present, there are considerable resources being devoted to the validation and application of these technologies.

However, much of this work is being done outside the boundaries of traditional clinical psychology; occurring in fields such as artificial intelligence, affective, cognitive, linguistic, computational, engineering, and neuro-sciences.

Clinical psychology is a field with considerable expertise in clinical assessment and psychometric theory, and is uniquely poised to complement this multidisciplinary effort.

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