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    APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology

    Edited by Bush, Shane S.; Demakis, George J.; Rohling, Martin L.

    This handbook covers scientific and clinical neuropsychological advances and their application in forensic contexts.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  2. 2

    APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology

    Edited by Gold, Steven N.

    This two-volume handbook provides a survey of major areas and subtopics of empirical knowledge and practical applications in the field of trauma psychology.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  3. 3

    APA Handbook of Comparative Psychology

    Edited by Call, Josep

    This two-volume handbook presents the different aspects of comparative psychology — behavior, cognition, learning, and neurophysiology — in a balanced and exhaustive manner.

    January 2017 | Hardcover

  4. 4

    APA Handbook of Community Psychology

    Edited by Bond, Meg A.; Serrano-García, Irma; Keys, Christopher B.; Shinn, Marybeth

    This two-volume handbook summarizes and makes sense of exciting intellectual developments in the field of community psychology.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

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    Graduate Study in Psychology, 2017 Edition

    By American Psychological Association

    Graduate Study in Psychology is the best source of information related to graduate programs in psychology and provides information related to approximately 600 graduate programs in psychology in the U.S. and Canada.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  6. 6

    APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology

    Edited by Norcross, John C.; VandenBos, Gary R.; Freedheim, Donald K.

    This five-volume handbook reflects the state-of-the-art in clinical psychology — science, practice, research, and training.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

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    APA College Dictionary of Psychology, Second Edition

    Edited by VandenBos, Gary R.

    This book is a reliable resource that answers the needs of both advanced placement high school students and college undergraduates - whether they are taking psychology as part of a broader curriculum or making it their major field of study.

    Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

  8. 8

    APA Handbook of Nonverbal Communication

    Edited by Matsumoto, David; Hwang, Hyisung C.; Frank, Mark G.

    This handbook provides scholarly reviews of state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of nonverbal communication and nonverbal behaviors.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

  9. 9

    APA Handbook of Psychology and Juvenile Justice

    Edited by Heilbrun, Kirk

    This book consolidates and advances knowledge about the legal, scientific, and applied foundations of the juvenile justice system.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

  10. 10

    APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities

    Edited by Wong, Y. Joel; Wester, Stephen R.

    This handbook tackles the full spectrum of the theoretical, empirical, and practical psychology of men and masculinities, not only focusing on the extant literature in traditional areas, but also highlighting new and emerging scholarship.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

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