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    14 Ounces of Prevention: A Casebook for Practitioners

    Edited by Price, Richard H.; Cowen, Emory L.; Lorion, Raymond P.; Ramos-McKay, Julia

    This volume identifies well-documented model programs that exemplify promotion, prevention, and emergent intervention alternatives for people suffering from some form of psychological disorder or distress.

    Copyright: 1988 | Softcover

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    Abused Women and Survivor Therapy: A Practical Guide for the Psychotherapist

    By Walker, Lenore E. A.

    This state-of-the art treatment manual contends that traditional psychotherapies for trauma victims have been insufficient in treating abused women. The author describes critical modifications to traditional practice that will allow practitioners to work more effectively with female victims of abuse.

    Copyright: 1994 | Softcover

  3. 3

    Activities Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology: Volume 1

    Edited by Benjamin, Ludy T. Jr.; Lowman, Kathleen D.

    This book includes a collection of 88 activities for use by introductory psychology course instructors at the high school, community college, and undergraduate level.

    Copyright: 1981 | Softcover

  4. 4

    Activities Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology: Volume 2

    Edited by Makosky, Vivian Parker; Whittemore, Linda Genevieve; Rogers, Anne M.

    This second volume contains almost 90 activities for your use on the subjects of methodology, learning and memory, sensory processes and perception, developmental psychology, personality, use of computers, and statistical concepts.

    Copyright: 1988 | Softcover

  5. 5

    Activities Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology: Volume 3

    Edited by Makosky, Vivian Parker; Sileo, Chi Chi; Whittemore, Linda Genevieve

    This book is packed diverse demonstrations, assignments, and experiments to complement psychology course textbooks.

    Copyright: 1990 | Softcover

  6. 6

    Acute Stress Disorder: A Handbook of Theory, Assessment, and Treatment

    By Bryant, Richard A.; Harvey, Allison G.

    This book is the first comprehensive clinical text on acute stress disorder since its 1994 introduction into DSM-IV as a diagnostic category.

    Copyright: 2000 | Hardcover

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    Adaptation to Changing Health: Response Shift in Quality-of-Life Research

    Edited by Schwartz, Carolyn E.; Sprangers, Mirjam A. G.

    This book examines response shift in quality of life, including theoretical underpinnings, methodology, and application to treatment outcomes research and medical decision making.

    Copyright: 2000 | Hardcover

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    Adaptation to Chronic Childhood Illness

    Edited by Thompson, Robert J. Jr.; Gustafson, Kathryn E.

    This book introduces a biopsychological conceptual framework for examining the development and adaptation of children with chronic illness. This framework encompasses biomedical, psychological, and social-ecological factors to be considered in developing intervention efforts to enhance adaptation in this population.

    Copyright: 1996 | Softcover

  9. 9

    Adlerian Therapy: Theory and Practice

    By Carlson, Jon; Watts, Richard E.; Maniacci, Michael

    This book demonstrates the relevance of Adlerian therapy by illustrating how Adler's ideas influenced current practice and emphasizing the short-term nature of its interventions. In addition, the authors show how Adlerian therapy works in practice with individuals, couples, families, and groups, as well as in educational settings.

    Copyright: 2006 | Hardcover

  10. 10

    Adolescents, Sex, and the Law: Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Citizenship

    By Levesque, Roger J. R.

    This book highlights the inadequacies of the juvenile justice system and proposes a strategy for reframing the current social, psychological and legal conceptions of adolescence.

    Copyright: 2000 | Hardcover

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