APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity


May 2014 Update

APAGS-CARED changed its name from the APAGS-CEMA, or the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs.


The APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (APAGS-CARED) exists to promote a psychology pipeline that is representative of the nation's ethnic diversity and foster culturally relevant and adaptive science and practice in psychology.


We aspire for a field in which all ethnic minority graduate students are empowered throughout each professional developmental stage and all psychology graduate students value and demonstrate cultural competency.


  • Consideration of the experiences of racial and ethnic minority individuals in each aspect of psychology graduate training.
  • Social justice in graduate training.
  • Race and ethnicity in human functioning and development.
  • The intersections of race and ethnicity with other dimensions of identity.
  • Empowerment of every racial and ethnic minority graduate student to have voice and agency.

Resources for Students of Color Applying to Graduate Schools in Psychology

Applying to graduate schools in psychology can be a stressful process to anyone - finding the right program, with the right fit, with interesting research, and hopefully with funding! Passing by all of these hurdles is difficult, and graduate students of color may face additional barriers in this process. Concerns over possible experiences of overt or covert discrimination in the application process, fears about not having a support system, and possible stereotype threats are some of the possible specific concerns that students of color may face as they apply to graduate programs in psychology. Recognizing these specific concerns, the APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (APAGS - CARED) put together a collection of Resources for Students of Color Applying to Graduate Schools in Psychology.

APAGS Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students

APAGS Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate StudentsThis resource guide has a new look and new chapters on self-care, research and publishing tips, professional development and so much more. In August 2012, the guide was made available online for all graduate students to download free of charge.

Multicultural Training Database

Are you teaching others or want to advance your own skills? We provide a multicultural training database to help psychology students at the undergraduate and graduate level develop competencies related to diversity and culture. Our resources include a curated collection of links to syllabi, videos, experiential classroom activities, mentorship opportunities and other diversity-related materials to enhance racial and ethnic diversity competencies and provide you with professional development support. 

Preparing Diverse Students for Academic Careers

APAGS-CARED is invested in making it easier for diverse graduate students to pursue academic careers in psychology. Through a series of short video narratives and longer podcasts, we have set out to demystify the process of preparing to become a faculty member or independent researcher.

Podcasts on Graduate School and Careers 

A collection of experts offer advice on topics of interest for graduate students and early career trainees.

Webinars and Virtual Happy Hours

The purpose of these events is to utilize technology to provide mentoring to ethnic minority graduate students in order to facilitate their development and advancement. They also serve to promote cultural competency among all graduate students by providing up-to-date information regarding cultural issues. 

  • Virtual happy hours will consist of an informal mentoring session for students.

APAGS members can join the APAEMGS email list for information about upcoming events; see below for instructions. Some of our webinars are now available as podcasts. If you are interested in co-hosting a webinar or virtual happy hour, or have a great idea for one, please send your request to APAGS.

Join our Discussion Group

We invite all APAGS members to contribute to the APAEMGS email group, where broad discussions and announcements around ethnic diversity in graduate school take place in a supportive environment. Send an email to the Listserv® with a blank subject. In the body, write "SUBSCRIBE APAEMGS <firstname> <lastname>". Read details and Listserv policies.


  • Chair: Joelle T. Taknint (2016-18)
    University of Victoria

  • Jhodi-Ann Bowie (2017-19) 
    Georgia State University 
  • Lincoln Hill (2016-18)
    Loyola University Chicago 
  • Mary Odafe (2017-19)
    University of Houston
  • Fiona Thomas (2017-19) 
    Ryerson University
  • Maria Vazquez (2016-18)
    University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • Ryan Warner (2016-18)
    Marquette University