Advancing Psychology: A Psychologist's Guide to Federal Advocacy

The Government Relations Offices publish three guidelines for successful advocacy, which are designed to encourage greater political participation by psychologists in the public policy process.

Taking part in the political life of our country is a right and privilege exercised by too few Americans. It is our hope that you, as a citizen and psychologist, will use this guide to develop and maintain contact with your U.S. Senators and Representative and advocate for psychology. The guide will inform you about how to do this, in a way that will not require you to learn all the subtleties of public policymaking or to make advocacy your full-time job. Each APA Directorate, in fact, maintains a vigorous and effective advocacy agenda. However, your direct contact with Congress, as a constituent, is a vital component of APA’s advocacy efforts. Your special training and expertise uniquely qualify you to contribute to the development of federal policies and programs to the reshaping of political attitudes toward psychology.

A Psychologist's Guide to Federal Advocacy (PDF, 2.1MB)

Advancing the Science: A Psychologist's Guide to Participation in Federal Policymaking