APA Citizen Psychologist™ Initiative

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The APA Citizen Psychologist program is an initiative of APA President-elect Jessica Henderson Daniel for 2018 and beyond.


APA Citizen Psychologists serve as leaders in their various communities. Through prolonged engagement in significant activities, they contribute to improving the lives of all. This can include public service, volunteerism, board membership and other strategic roles often not directly associated with the day-to-day work of psychologists in our careers. APA Citizen Psychologists come from all branches of the field of psychology. They bring psychological science and expertise to bear on existing challenges to improve community well-being locally, nationally or globally.

Goals of the APA Citizen Psychologist Initiative

number 1

Educate the public about how psychology contributes to the formulation and implementation of policies that improve our communities.

number 2

Provide learning objectives and educational materials to help educate people from high school, undergraduate and graduate school, internship, postdoctoral fellowship, and lifelong learning about how to become or serve as a successful APA Citizen Psychologist.

number 3

Award Presidential Citations to exemplary APA Citizen Psychologists.

From APA President-elect
Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, ABPP

Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD

August 2017

The APA Citizen Psychologist initiative grew out of my mantra: Psychology Is Every Day In Every Way.

Almost every aspect of human existence is impacted by psychological science, education and practice. And almost every social policy can be informed by it. For these reasons, I firmly believe that psychologists and psychology students need to be in more rooms, at more tables, and at the heads of those tables when decisions affecting the public are formulated and implemented.

I would like APA members to be energized and motivated as they discover how to serve as an APA Citizen Psychologist! So I am launching it as my core initiative as 2018 President of APA.

My dream is that the APA Citizen Psychologist concept will be infused into the discipline through education at all levels — from high school to lifelong learning. It is important to me that this concept of service to the public good endures as an integral part of APA’s future.

I will honor the work of APA Citizen Psychologists with APA Presidential Citations, and ask divisions and state, provincial and territorial organizations to not only help me identify worthy recipients, but also sustain recognition well beyond 2018. Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself today.

It is rewarding to be in such a dynamic and expansive discipline. I am excited to see where our members will take psychology next.

Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, ABPP
2017 APA President-elect

What you can do right now

Nominate a colleague or yourself for a Presidential Citation as an exemplary Citizen Psychologist. This is the highest honor from the APA President. Nominees must be full APA members and hold a doctorate in psychology.

For more information

Working group members: Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel (President-elect), Dr. Kate Brown (co-chair), Dr. Ron Rozensky (co-chair), Dr. Sharon Bowman (citations), Ms. Lara Bruner (high school curriculum), Dr. Kermit Crawford (internship curriculum), Dr. Cynthia de las Fuentes (citations), Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya (lifelong learning curriculum), Dr. Cynthia Gomez (survey), Dr. Amber Hewitt (postdoctoral curriculum), Dr. Elizabeth McQuaid (internship curriculum), Dr. Jeff Mio (undergraduate curriculum), Mr. Carlos Montalvan (high school curriculum), Dr. Roger Reeb (graduate curriculum), Dr. Ana Ruiz (undergraduate curriculum), Dr. Peter Sheras (graduate curriculum), Dr. Wayne Siegel (postdoctoral curriculum), and Dr. Jennifer Taylor (lifelong learning curriculum).

If you have questions about this initiative, please contact: Eddy Ameen or Leslie Cameron, staff liaisons to the working group.